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This service emails a predefined Alert when you stop responding to its periodic emails.

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You are going somewhere tonight. It's a private thing so you don't tell your family and friends. But what if you get into some kind of trouble? You do want people to know where you went, but only if you're not back by tomorrow. You may have no Internet access, lost in jungles, captured by pirates. How to get a message across? You don't share personal online access information. But what if you have a car accident? You do want your loved ones to have access, but only when it's really needed, and you are not around to help them. You may have fallen ill, gotten injured, or worse. Maybe you love risk, adventures, extreme sports like rock climbing, canyoning, ice climbing, parkour, surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, motorcycle racing, rallying, motocross, gliding, skateboarding, water skiing, extreme skiing, snowboarding, parachuting, diving, zorbing, etc.? How to prepare for the unknown?


An Alert sends periodic checking emails to you. Only if you don't respond, it sends an alert email to another email address chosen by you. You can create, edit and delete your personal Alert, inside your secure account on this website. An Alert is better than a message in a bottle. You specify the email address to check (your email), the email address to alert (email of your friend, relative or significant other), the period between checks, and for how many days to keep checking at a period end, before sending an Alert email. You also write the actual message. The message might help others find you: an address, a route description, a name of the person you are meeting. A long-term Alert might contain a love letter, a hidden treasury location, your last will, life insurance, how to find important information and documents.

Be prepared for the unknown.

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